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Personal Data

First, call me Rick!

There are various areas to inform the reader about myself. Here is just a tidbit of personal info:

I come from Chicago. My father died when I was 16. Due to circumstances I now understand, there wasn't much left behind for us. I was determined to be the first (and since I was the youngest), the only one, to attend college. This means I had to pay most of it as Social Security survivor benefits allowed me to make only a certain level of income. Then it started to take back 50% of that survivor income. At yet another level, it cut off completely. At that time, the levels weren't very high, so I didn't exactly have a great feeling toward how the government handled its business.

Education - My Story

The first college was expensive so I transferred to another college. I had been commuting 45 miles west each day; the new college was 20 miles north east. For a semester, I worked part time and attended both schools. I really tried to stay on track to graduate in four years, yet I ended up wearing myself out so much that I got tonsilitis four times in six weeks.

I survived (obviously! and still have my tonsils) and began attending that second school exclusively in January. That lasted a year or so, until I again ran out of money. Fortunately a new state university had opened and I was able to attend at a much lower cost. And wouldn't you know it, it was the best of the three schools!

I attended college for two and a half years before I had to go part time, and work full time. After just over 6 years, I graduated. I had started out going for a degree in accounting yet working during the day, when those classes were offered, required I change and get my BA in Business Administration. I ended up with a double minor - Accounting and the other was in Human Behavior.

Four years later, while living in southern California, I attended Pepperdine University. Three years later I received my MBA degree.

Sound good? Well, it was anything but easy, yet I did learn plenty. I learned what it meant to have to pay your way. I learned also that those who could have their way paid through college and get their Master's degree were usually pretty clueless as to what "normal" workers endured. I don't mean to use the word clueless in a derogatory manner - it simply is the truth. I found, after getting my degree(s), I often ended up educating those more fortunate than most. In most cases, their response was "I didn't know...".

So Now You Know

Due to my background, I have many opinions regarding the work place and education, yet I won't get on my soapbox.

Residence (From Current to Past):
  1. Pleasanton, CA
  2. Livermore, CA
  3. Auburn, MA
  4. Los Angeles Area
  5. Chicago Area

Most of my website is around my business side so please refer to that for more.

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